Entry #20

voice acting

2011-03-06 00:02:18 by willywonkarocks1

I did some voice acting and gave it to J-rex and he submitted because I didn't want to.The animation of my voice acting


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2011-04-18 15:05:38

Not the right place to submit a voice acting demo the right place is on the Audio portal see by the name Audio get it dont get sad from all the bad comments you know like Ah you suck you sound like your ten whatever blah blah blah dont get angry read what does people are saying and just try to get better at it you need to know how to voice act

FYI i didn't hear your voice acting.I just know that people blamed the crap out of it.


2011-04-18 15:27:30

this may be interesting to you http://www.newgrounds.com/staff .


2011-07-22 17:53:27

what's up dude! remember me?