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voice acting

2011-03-06 00:02:18 by willywonkarocks1

I did some voice acting and gave it to J-rex and he submitted because I didn't want to.The animation of my voice acting

hi heloo gracias

2011-02-26 22:21:00 by willywonkarocks1

Hi I'm Back now thats out of my system.


2010-11-22 20:13:38 by willywonkarocks1

I am leaving this account If you want message this account name yoshikoshi.


2010-11-20 10:17:55 by willywonkarocks1

I made some art and j-rex used it in his tom fulp flash.So it is kinda my first flash,even though all I did was make some art for it.


2010-11-14 18:00:47 by willywonkarocks1

Working on a flash right now as I type this.


2010-11-13 14:05:19 by willywonkarocks1

I am now officially ready for anyone who needs a writer or a voice for a flash.


2010-11-13 13:31:12 by willywonkarocks1

My new flash can't be put on Newgrounds.


2010-11-13 12:15:25 by willywonkarocks1

My first official flash comes out today,it is a stick figure flash based on Dragon Ball Z.


2010-11-12 17:11:22 by willywonkarocks1

Since I really can't do flash animation I will do voices for other flashes or write for other flashes, just send me a message.

Latest Flash Submission

2010-11-11 15:46:02 by willywonkarocks1

My latest flash submission is made by Dom Fera but I didn't mean anything by it.I thought it was so funny it should be on Newgrounds thats all.